Non-Destructive Testing Specialist

Test structures and materials using non-invasive tests.

What does a Non-Destructive Testing Specialist do?

As a Non-Destructive Testing Specialist, you perform tests on a variety of structures and materials to check for safety. Think of it as a safety net for all things used on a daily basis, and you’re holding the handles. Using scientific and technical methods, you test the safety of structures, vehicles, boats, airplanes, trains, and other vessels for signs of weakness.

A firm grasp on technology is essential to be sucessfull as a Non-Destructive Testing Specialist, as you use x-ray, ultrasound, and fiber-optic equipment to test the subject in a non-invasive and non-destructive manner. Beyond testing, you Non-Destructive Testing Specialist skills are also put to the test when it comes time for equipment maintenance and, in some cases, repairs.

Following the established guidelines of non-destructive testing, you document the methods and processes used with your excellent written communication skills. Furthermore, you’re responsible for verbally reporting your findings to superiors and government regulators. Analytical skills are also required as you interpret the results of your tests to determine if structural repairs are needed.

Your love for science, civil engineering, and construction come together in this career. Whether you inspect concrete using thermal and infrared testing, or the metal of an airplane using radiology equipment, the world is a safer place because of your work.