Nitroglycerin Separator Operator

Tend gravity separators to separate nitroglycerin from spent acids.

What does a Nitroglycerin Separator Operator do?

Tends gravity separator to separate nitroglycerin from spent acids, preparatory to washing, neutralizing, and processing into explosives: Turns petcock to transfer mixture of spent acids and nitroglycerin from batch nitrator to separator. Turns petcock to drain acids from nitroglycerin into trough leading to spent-acid storage. Observes liquid flowing from spigot and moves trough to discharge product into wash tank when color change indicates nitroglycerin is flowing from separator. Observes tank thermometer to detect accumulation of heat that could cause decomposition and explosion and turns valves to regulate heat to prevent explosion or decomposition. May move control to dump tank contents into water-filled vat if temperature increase indicates explosion may be imminent. May wash and neutralize nitroglycerin [NITROGLYCERIN NEUTRALIZER].