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Nitroglycerin Distributor

Distribute nitroglycerin to processing departments of dynamite plants.

What does a Nitroglycerin Distributor do?

Distributes nitroglycerin to processing departments of dynamite plant and prepares nitroglycerin for shipment: Signals NITROGLYCERIN NEUTRALIZER to release specified amounts of nitroglycerin to storage tanks. Tests acidity of nitroglycerin, using litmus paper. Turns valve to release sodium carbonate solution into nitroglycerin to neutralize excess acid that could cause decomposition of material and explosion. Transfers nitroglycerin from storage tank to lead-lined or stainless steel tanks mounted on wheels. Pushes tanks to mix house or other processing department. Washes tanks between loads with sodium carbonate solution and water, using hose and brush. Fills glass or stainless steel vials with nitroglycerin, using filling spout, and packs vials in boxes.