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Night Security Guard

Stay up late to keep businesses safe from nighttime harm.

What does a Night Security Guard do?

When the sun goes down, the criminals come out. Darkness provides a cover that crooks can use to hide their sneaky ways. But citizens (and building owners) need not fear! As a Night Security Guard, you stay on high alert during the night hours, patrolling the area and stepping in if something is amiss.

While a Security Guard working during the day spends time stopping people and asking for credentials, a Night Security Guard may not talk to anyone at all. In fact, as a Night Security Guard, you don’t expect to see anyone during your shift because nobody should really be on the premises at such an hour.

Patrolling the area on foot allows you to stay awake, and it helps you ensure that doors are locked and secure. You may walk the same route several times throughout the night, and you keep a detailed record of each check you make so you can prove that you didn’t sleep through your shift. Between your walking tours, you may look at television screens showing images from security cameras mounted around the facility.

When you do spot a problem—such as an intruder, a fire, or a mechanical breakdown—you notify the building’s owner and the police or fire department immediately. But until those authorities arrive, you’re in charge. Detaining suspects is part of your duties, but you can’t arrest anyone.

While it may sound exciting to stop a crime in progress, these events are rare. So you’ll keep dreaming of the day a crime will take place so you can see your picture in the newspaper holding your “Citizen of the Year” award above your head.