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Nibbler Operator

Tend machines that cut metal plates, sheets, or structural shapes.

What does a Nibbler Operator do?

Tends machine that cuts metal plates, sheets, or structural shapes into specified radial or irregular shapes by action of reciprocating cutting knives or punches: Positions and clamps specified cutter or punch into ram and bed of machine. Turns thumbscrews to adjust depth of stroke to thickness of metal. Turns handwheel to set specified distance between cutter or punch and center point of turntable or fixtures, using built-in scale or rule. Clamps guide and drive rollers over workpiece. Depresses pedal which activates ram and feed rollers to cut or punch along radius. Guides workpiece manually along cutting lines or template to cut irregular shapes. May lay out guidelines onto workpiece by tracing from template. Mat drill center hole into workpiece, using portable drill. May bevel edges of steel plates, using portable pneumatic nibbler.