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Newspaper Reporter

Cover breaking stories and live events for your local newspaper.

What does a Newspaper Reporter do?

Some Reporters chronicle the news for television, magazines, and the Internet. However, Newspaper Reporters research and write the news in a format that shows up in the driveway each day.

As a Newspaper Reporter, you might specialize in one section of the newspaper, such as sports. Or, you might take pleasure from tracking down the facts on a variety of topics. One day, you might hear about a car accident over the police scanner and rush off to gather the facts. The next day, you might interview organizers for a community fundraising event.

In addition to variety, your job as a Newspaper Reporter offers an adrenaline rush in the form of breaking news and deadlines. Whether you’re a full-time Staff Writer or a Freelance Writer who submits infrequent articles of interest, you always have your eyes open for story ideas. Who knows, it might come from a conversation at a cocktail party, a discussion you overhear at the grocery store, or an idea from your teenager. Always being receptive to new ideas gives you opportunities that others miss.

When you decide on, or are assigned, a story, it’s your job to track down accurate and factual information. Regardless of how you feel about the subject, you remain unbiased and stay focused on the facts. Through documents you track down, interviews, phone calls, and determination, you gather the facts, check and recheck names and other data, and get it all down in article form before the deadline comes around.