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Newspaper Carrier

Commute and deliver newspapers.

What does a Newspaper Carrier do?

As a newspaper carrier, you commute and deliver newspapers to offices, shop, and private homes in a designated area mapped out to you. Newspaper carriers sort newspapers, keep records of deliveries, and collect money from customers for their subscriptions. Also known as “paperboys” or “papergirls,” newspaper carriers distribute papers, usually by bicycle or van, with a critical focus on timeliness.

Your job involves a lot of travel, and doing the rounds in inclement weather can be stressful. You generally work in the mornings and evenings, so you could still have another full-time job and deliver newspapers for additional income. Many young people are hired to deliver newspapers as their first official job.

Newspaper carriers need basic customer service and sales skills. You need to have good time management and organizational skills, as well as being dependable. A valid driver’s license is required if you are driving a vehicle.

There are not any specific educational requirements for this position.