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News Librarian

Organize and archive news contained in magazines, papers, and more.

What does a News Librarian do?

As a News Librarian, you’re a professional researcher and retriever of information. Like any Librarian, you manage the various information resources available in a library, but the difference is you specialize in news research, and you have constant direct contact with researchers and editorial staff who work for news publications. You, in turn, provide students, Professors, and other researchers access to your wealth of knowledge.

Your expertise as a News Librarian, covers a wide array of mediums, including books, magazines, files, tapes, microfilms, and newspapers. And you know how to sift through all of them when you need to research a story for a news segment as a News Librarian.

Besides retrieving materials, you also know how to log them. The library is constantly getting new materials, and you’re a pro at organizing them in such a way that the information doesn’t get buried under a pile of mess. Together with your staff, you clip out, classify, catalog, store, and edit information, making it easy to retrieve them whenever necessary.

With the influx of fresh news as well as changing and growing technology, you’re also partially responsible for replacing catalog sorting and retrieval methods as needed. You’re the one who uses them the most, so you know when it’s time for an update. Depending on your seniority as a News Librarian, you may also be in charge of hiring and training staff members, preparing the library budget, working with other library departments, and preparing activities for the public.