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News Gathering Technician

Locate news events, and set up and control field transmission equipment.

What does a News Gathering Technician do?

Locates news events, and sets up and controls field transmission equipment to record or transmit news events to television station: Drives vehicle to locate news events, such as fire or public rally, or receives information over two-way radio and scanner about location of news events. Turns power supply and monitors on, and activates air compressor to raise mast. Selects channel for transmission of audio and video signals. Converses with station operator, using two-way radio, while controlling lever to align antennae with receiving dish to obtain clearest signal for transmission of news event to station. Lays electrical cord and audio and video cables between vehicle, microphone, camera, and REPORTER 131.262-018, or person being interviewed, to allow for receiving of off-air signal and transmission of audio and video signals to station. Observes scale in video monitor and sets video level to specifications. Sets audio level to specifications. Observes monitor and transmission light, and converses with station operator, using two-way radio, to verify transmission of news event to station, and makes adjustments to equipment. Records news event onto videotape, using recording equipment, during transmission of news event to studio, or receives videotape from CAMERA OPERATOR 143.062-022 and makes dub, using recording equipment. Records information, such as location and news events recorded or transmitted to station, onto log. Is required to hold license issued by Federal Communications Commission.