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News Anchor



Cover important news stories on your nightly broadcast.

What does a News Anchor do?

A news anchor is a journalist who delivers the day’s events on a news program. Many millions of people get their news from the daily 6 o’clock report and come to trust and favor a particular anchor. A successful news anchor has followers, and many are still remembered years later for covering specific events in history.

While the evening news is not the only mode of broadcasting, it is perhaps the most watched and most dependable form. There are also 24-hour news channels though, local news programs, and even online news programs, and they are all viable options for someone looking to become a news anchor.

Whatever network or time slot you’re working, you are ultimately the one responsible for the news delivered. There are writers, of course, but you make significant contributions to the culling of topics, and the style of delivery is all you.

The workload for an anchor is demanding. Your day may begin very early depending on the time slot you’re working. Once you’re at work, you will begin by reviewing the events of the last 24 hours, and then decide what and what not to cover. Once you have your subject matter, you’ll work with writers to create a transcript for the broadcast. After hair and makeup you will deliver the broadcast, working in front of the camera anywhere from a half hour to several hours in a row.

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