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News Analyst

Provide insights and predictions about breaking events.

What does a News Analyst do?

Sometimes, it seems the job of a News Analyst is just to look good and give short snippets of terrifying news stories. But this job calls for a lot more than just being a pretty face. When you’re a News Analyst, you bring news of all types (local, national, and international) to viewers, and provide them with commentary and context so they can better understand the story.

Where you work dictates what exactly your workday will look like. One day as a News Analyst, you can be on screen for a big chunk of time, like a half-hour news program. Or you might be on periodically throughout the day, giving news updates in short five- to ten-minute snippets.

You might just read the news, which is usually the case at big news corporations. Or you might be in charge of reporting everything from sports to the weather. Big news organizations also usually provide you with the news you read, whereas smaller stations will have you doing everything from reporting to writing to reading.

Wherever you end up working though, your responsibilities are ultimately the same: You read and analyze the news of the day for viewers. In the process of doing this, you can introduce other “on-the-scene” Reporters and experts in the field of discussion, or explain different video clips. You also interview guests, or mediate discussions and debates.

This is a pretty hectic job. You work under tight deadlines. And the news never sleeps, so you can work strange hours covering the latest stories.

However, many people actually get a natural high from this fast-paced environment. If you’re one of them, then you’ve probably found the job to match your personality.