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Newborn Specialist Nanny

Help busy parents care for their new bundles of joy.

What does a Newborn Specialist Nanny do?

Newborns are more than cute, sweet, innocent cherubs-they’re a lot of work and a source of anxiety for new parents. Just when a parent thinks he won’t be able to handle the task, in swoops the Newborn Specialist Nanny to take the helm for the first few weeks the baby is home.

As a Newborn Specialist Nanny, you might work with a single parent who needs an extra set of hands so she can juggle her new responsibilities. Or, you might help a client who works long hours and needs someone to run the night shift while she sleeps. Maybe the lucky couple had triplets and needs your help to get their head around the responsibility.

Whatever the situation, you’re ready for it because you have extensive experience with newborns-that’s what makes you a Newborn Specialist Nanny after all. So, whether you care for a baby that requires special needs or are simply manning the nursery while the parents sleep, it’s your job to care for the baby’s every need.

Obviously, that involves bathing, swaddling, and changing diapers. It also means acting as Nanny for older children in the house, and knowing when to call the Pediatrician. In addition, you educate the parents about different soothing, handling, feeding, dressing, and sleeping tasks so that they can handle the responsibilities once you move on to aid another family in need.