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New Media Specialist



Use the Internet to market a company.

What does a New Media Specialist do?

The job of a New Media Specialist is to digitally promote a company, plan or idea. In other words, you are an Advertising Representative for non-traditional media (meaning the digital world). Here you have room to be inventive: Digital media is new and constantly growing, meaning there are no tried-and-true rules as to how to use it most effectively. That’s your job, as a New Media Specialist, to figure out.

You start a job as a New Media Specialist by meeting with a client to figure out what image they want to project, then work with them to develop a digital media strategy (i.e. a plan to spread that image through non-traditional advertising means).

Once you and the client are in strategic agreement, you are responsible for the implementation. You’ll use websites, blogs, podcasts, twitter, viral videos–any form of digital media you think might best express your client’s message. This requires you to stay on top of new web trends so you can find the best way for your client to have a constant voice out on the internet. So you’ll be doing things like updating on blogs, and finding new Youtube viewers.

This field dabbles in a lot of areas, from social media to web design, and you can choose which end of the technological spectrum you want to work in. But either way you need good communication skills and a love for all things online and digital; if you think twitter is still something only birds do, then this job may not be the best fit. However if you are constantly online, finding new communities and ways to connect with them, then consider jumping in on this quickly growing field.

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