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Perform surgery on anything essential to the central nervous system.

What does a Neurosurgeon do?

We humans are blessed with a variety of amazing systems, organs, and components that give us the ability to shake it on the dance floor, think out complex problems, and keep the oxygen flowing at 7,000 feet. One of the most impressive systems in the body is the central nervous system. As a Neurosurgeon, you study every dendrite and motor neuron that allows that system to work.

Because you hold the title of Neurosurgeon, people might assume that you’re a Brain Surgeon. Well, you are, but that’s not all you are (as if that isn’t impressive enough!). Not everyone has the knowledge, skill, and talent to cut into another person’s brain, remove a tumor, or mend a burst vessel, and have the patient live to tell the tale. But you do!

In addition to using your Neurosurgeon brain to fix other people’s brains, you also perform surgeries on spinal cords. That’s risky business, because one false move can result in paralysis.

But no worries; you’re well qualified for the job! Besides, you use a roomful of fancy tools to take care of the most precise procedures. Thank goodness for modern technology, huh?

Then, for a little variety, you also perform surgeries on patients who suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome, or have nerve damage in their shoulder, neck, or other parts of the body. Thanks to your passion and skill, your patients move on to lead healthier, longer, and more satisfying lives. That should help you sleep at night.