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Network Technician

Identify and fix computer network problems.

What does a Network Technician do?

As a Network Technician, you’re the support person who rushes to the rescue when the company’s computer network goes kaput. You’re a diagnostician who has the technical engineering expertise to find the problem and fix it. Sometimes, the problem is with a person, not the network, which means you often find yourself when you’re a Network Technician trying to fix the user.

You work in the IT department as a troubleshooter for the computer network-not individual computers, as a Network Technician. When it’s time for a routine system check, you perform maintenance and run the cables for new computer stations. Glitches belong to you, as does the necessary repair of glitches. You also train users when new software is added to the network or a program gets tweaked for added functionality.

Since you spend a lot of your days interacting with other employees, you need good customer service skills coupled with a pound of patience. Not all individuals are technically inclined, so your training sessions are likely to include a few participants who will need more one-on-one instruction.

If you’re a dedicated techie who understands the inner workings of popular networking systems, then job heaven awaits you as a Network Technician. While considered an entry-level position, it’s a great place to start and work your way up into a Supervisor or management position, especially if you don’t mind helping others learn how to harness the power of technology.