Network Security Architect

Design, install, and maintain security systems for computers.

What does a Network Security Architect do?

Hackers are constantly looking for ways to enter a company’s computer system. They may want to steal sensitive information, or they may just want to cause mischief. Unfortunately for them, you’re on the job. As a Network Security Architect, you design systems to keep hackers from succeeding in their evil plans.

You may work for one company as a Network Security Architect, designing one system and then tweaking it endlessly, or you may work for several companies, designing systems that you hand over to others for tweaks. Either way, those systems must be modified frequently when you’re a Network Security Architect, as hackers are crafty and constantly change their techniques.

To foil those hackers, you build a system that creates a firewall around the company’s sensitive information. You test that system by trying to access it from other computers using bogus passwords. You also develop scanning programs to detect and eliminate computer viruses. Then you monitor the computer system each day to make sure no intruders have moved past it.

If hackers do enter, you move quickly to determine how they did it. You shut the loophole and strengthen your code so no more intrusions can occur. You then talk to management about what happened, and what you did to prevent the problem from happening again. Although you might be tempted to swear, you use no curse words in your report.

Once you feel the system is complete, you write a manual that outlines how it works and how it can be updated. You also hold classes to teach people how to use it. In your presentation, you stress the importance of computer security. It may slow the system down a bit, but losing valuable information can be catastrophic, and everyone must work together to prevent that using the system you created.