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Network Security Administrator

Protect computer networks by setting passwords and policies.

What does a Network Security Administrator do?

Your role? Network Security Administrator. Your mission? Lock everyone out of the computer network, except those who need to be there.

Companies hire you, the Network Security Administrator, to protect their data and keep their computer systems running smoothly. In this line of work, as the Network Security Administrator, you set up firewalls and anti-virus protection, add passwords to servers, and restrict what users can and can’t do on the network. This keeps the bad guys from stealing personal data, or sending viruses shooting through the company’s computer system like rabid wolves.

On every new project, you start by assessing a company’s security needs. You want to design a system that’s simple yet efficient. Once you’ve created a design, it’s time to set it up. It’s a multi-step process that involves setting passwords, educating employees, and, most importantly, writing out a policy on how it works.

Businesses often skip this last step, but it’s a crucial part of the process. If employees are not told what they can and can’t do, it’s hard to prosecute an employee who purposefully misuses equipment and causes considerable damage.

Depending on the size of your employer’s company, your job may also incorporate the duties of a Network Security Engineer. These include setting up the physical parts of the security system, monitoring for problems, and making repairs.

Whether you stay full-time with one company or move from client to client, you’re always on call to upgrade old systems and handle complaints or concerns. Think of yourself as top guard dog keeping the bad guys away.