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Network Manager



Oversee a team charged with installing and maintaining computer networks.

What does a Network Manager do?

In the ever-growing field of computer technology, businesses of all sizes need a Network Manager to set up computer networks and provide technical support when computer problems arise. Acting as a Supervisor over a skilled team of Computer Technicians, you, the Network Manager, advise your staff on which computer hardware and software to set up and keep a close watch on their progress. In some cases, you may set up equipment or make repairs yourself.

A computer network is made of physical parts – like computers and printers – and the software that controls those parts. Think of it all as a busy post office constantly receiving, processing, and sending out letters, and as the Network Manager you’ve got a good idea of how the network handles all its data.

As is inevitable with complex systems, things sometimes go wrong. When they do, and a software program starts cranking out odd results or a computer throws a temper tantrum and won’t turn on, it’s time for you and your team to solve the case. In your daily work, you’ll help clients make repairs, set up new networks, and manage all the paperwork required to keep track of your inventory.

In the end, you are part Detective and part leader. As you manage your team and assign different duties to each person, you also step in to solve complex problems or help your team out when they’re stumped over an unusual software bug. This is a hands-on job that lets you keep up-to-date with all the latest technology while helping companies put that technology to work for them.

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