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Network Engineer Career Information

What skills are needed for network engineer jobs?

Network engineers typically possess skills in Cisco technologies, OSPF, and BGP. Additionally, ccna or routing proficiency could potentially increase your chances of moving to the phone screening process. Network engineers graduate with a variety of different majors. Computer science degrees are significantly more common than management science degrees.

Network Engineer Companies & Industries

Network engineers are employed across many different industries as well as in both small and large businesses. They are more likely to be employed in information technology and services and telecommunications industries than in computer networking. Other industries that employ network engineers are financial services and hospital & health care.

What are the top regions for network engineer jobs?

Another common consideration many graduates face when they begin to search for jobs is where they will be working. New York and Chicago are two attractive options for network engineers to find jobs. Alternative cities include Atlanta, Dallas, and Boston.


Build, test, and maintain a company's computer network.

Salary Range: $63,000 - $91,478
Industry: Computer Networking
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