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Network Designer



Arrange a company's computer network in the fastest possible setup.

What does a Network Designer do?

Think plugging a computer in is all it takes to make it work? Not when you’re building a network. Network Designers step beyond the role of computer repair and customer support to create efficient computer networks for businesses large and small.

The term “computer network” covers all the computer connections in a building—from computers and printers to servers and software. It’s like one big jumble of invisible telephone cords. As a Network Designer, you plan out how to hook each piece up so it can “call” the others when it wants to chat.

The Network Designer job is a fast-paced adrenaline rush. You blur the boundaries between technology and creativity to set up a high-speed network. A computer could send a signal through seven others to reach the printer, but why bother? Your network connects every computer directly to a wireless printer to pump out documents at lightning speed.

Forward thinking is crucial in this job. During your day-to-day system check-ups and repairs, you try to envision possible problems. What if the power goes out? Do we have backup generators to avoid lost work? Planning ahead turns an “Oh no!” moment into a “Thank goodness!” sigh of relief.

All in all, you’re the brains of the operation. You design and install the network setup, and troubleshoot any pesky errors. Without you, the company would suffer from such a backlog of unsent emails and server overload that it would soon drown in a metaphorical sea of data.

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