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Network Control Operator

Monitor data communications networks to ensure that network is available.

What does a Network Control Operator do?

Monitors data communications network to ensure that network is available to all system users and resolves data communications problems: Receives telephone call from user with data communications problem, such as failure of data to be transmitted to another location. Reviews procedures user followed to determine if specified steps were taken. Explains user procedures necessary to transmit data. Monitors modems and display screen of terminal to mainframe computer to detect error messages that signal malfunction in communications software or hardware. Enters diagnostic commands into computer to determine nature of problem, and reads codes on screen to diagnose problem. Attaches diagnostic equipment to phone line to learn if line meets specification. Reads technical reference manuals for communications hardware and software to learn cause of problem. Instructs user to enter specified commands into computer to resolve problem. Calls service technician for service when problem cannot be resolved. Enters operating commands into computer to restart program. Records number of daily data communications transactions and number of problems and actions taken, using computer terminal. Updates documentation to record new equipment installed, new sites, and changes to computer configurations. May inspect communications wires and cables. May train staff and users to use equipment. May coordinate installation of or install communications lines.