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Network Analyst



Evaluate a company's needs to see what kind of network is a good match.

What does a Network Analyst do?

If you’ve connected a printer to your home computer, you’ve set up a computer network. It’s a small network, but a network never-the-less. Now imagine trying to set up all the computers and devices a massive corporation uses. Without knowledge of how a computer network functions and a blueprint for laying everything out, you could run into all sorts of problems ranging from a printer that won’t print to computers that won’t access the internet. A Network Analyst is the Architect that plans and sets-up these large computer networks. rn rnTo do this, as a Network Analyst, you begin by assessing your client’s needs, budget, and resources. A large business will need more expensive equipment and faster connection speeds than a small shop with only five employees and as a successful Network Analyst, it’s your job to make sure it all goes smoothly.

After the initial assessment you plan and create the ideal computer network based on these needs. You might also set up an intranet – a connection that allows workers in the company to share information while blocking access to those outside the company. rn rnLet’s says your client ABC Financing needs a computer network that allows employees to communicate quickly and efficiently. He also needs access to printers from all computers so employees won’t have to wait in line. You set up a computer in each office and printers on every floor. You then connect each computer to the printer on its floor to avoid papers printing three floors down. Finally, you hook all the computers into a speedy internet connection made for handling the vast amount of data sent by the company’s hundreds of employees.

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