Net Maker

Interlace and knot twines to form nets.

What does a Net Maker do?

Interlaces and knots twine to form nets: Selects gauge and twine according to size specified on work ticket. Wraps twine around needle that facilitates interlacing and knotting of twine. Extends and ties ends of foundation line to poles. Ties twine to end of line with clove hitch and positions gauge against line. Loops twine around gauge and knots twine onto foundation line, forming half mesh. Removes gauge and repeats operation to form row of half meshes. Holds gauge against half-mesh, pulls twine around gauge, and ties sheep bend knot onto half-mesh, forming mesh. Repeats operation with succeeding half meshes to form net. Unties foundation line and pulls line from net. May be designated according to type of net made as Safety-Net Maker; Tennis-Net Maker.