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Neonatal Nurse



Look after newborn babies in the hospital nursery.

What does a Neonatal Nurse do?

As a Neonatal Nurse, you work as the primary Caregiver to infants in the intensive care unit. However your job doesn’t end with the babies: In addition to taking care of babies, you give comfort to their worried parents. Often, with the complicated births that necessitate checking babies into the hospital, as a Neonatal Nurse, you will also get stressed out parents who have many questions about their child’s ailments and care. So you will be working double duty to comfort both sides of the issue.

Your daily tasks in taking care of these small infants as a Neonatal Nurse will be to give them scheduled diaper changes, feedings, and sometimes, just cuddling them. You will also take temperatures and administer medications if need be. If parents are able to visit, you’ll also be responsible for giving them training sessions on how to care for their baby.

Depending on your experience and level of training you may also be asked to change IVs and make blood transfusions. Whatever your position in the NICU, you are expected to do a significant amount of charting, and to keep updates for both the Doctor and the parents.

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