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Neon Tube Pumper

Charge illuminated sign tubing with rare gases.

What does a Neon Tube Pumper do?

Charges illuminated sign tubing with rare gases: Attaches formed sign tubing to pumping unit through fused tubulations. Removes air from tubing by means of vacuum pump. Bombards tubing with high-voltage electric current to eliminate gaseous impurities. Reduces vacuum in tubing to specified point, using vacuum pump and vacuum gauge. Connects and opens rare gas bottle to admit rare gas, such as neon, argon, helium, krypton, xenon, distilled mercury, or blue gas to specified pressure as indicated by pressure gauge. Tests sign by connecting electrodes to secondary winding of transformer and observing color of light. Seals tubing by heating and closing tubulations. Connects tubing to transformer and operates several hours to age tubing. May paint or tape tubing to separate symbols.