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Needle Loom Weaver

Tend shuttleless looms that weave narrow fabrics.

What does a Needle Loom Weaver do?

Tends shuttleless looms, equipped with filling-carrier needle, that weave narrow fabrics, such as ribbon, tape, and elastic: Places filling-yarn package on holders and threads ends through guides, tensions, and needle carriers, using hook. Presses button to start looms and patrols area to examine woven fabric for defects and to determine cause of loom stoppage, such as warp or filling breaks. Ties broken warp or filling ends. Notifies LOOM FIXER of defective weaving caused by mechanical defects. Cuts or marks fabric when specified yardage has been woven and doffs loom or notifies CLOTH DOFFER. May thread warp yarn through harness to change weave pattern or replace warp [DRAWER-IN, HAND].