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Needle Loom Operator

Set up and operate looms.

What does a Needle Loom Operator do?

Sets up and operates loom with assistance of NEEDLE-LOOM-OPERATOR HELPER 586.686-022 to produce needle felt: Selects and bolts specified needle boards to loom holders, according to work order, using wrenches. Installs speed gears or turns knob to synchronize speed of feeder with action of needle board. Threads bat through needle board and attaches bat to rewind spindle. Starts machine, watches feed gauge, and stops machine when specified length of felt is produced. Measures thickness and width of felt, using gauge and tape, to ensure product meets specifications. Cuts finished felt from roll with knife or shear. Replaces worn or broken needle boards. May place roll of textile base into feed holder and textile base roll with felt bat to produce textile backed felt. May glue or sew together ends of base to form continuous roll.