Needle Felt Making Machine Operator

Set up and operate battery of machines to produce needle felt products.

What does a Needle Felt Making Machine Operator do?

Sets up and operates battery of machines in tandem to produce needle felt products from raw materials: Turns screws to adjust comb and stripper rolls of garnett machine to produce specified bat I. Installs specified needle board into needle loom to punch together loose bats into needle felt. Turns handwheels to adjust tension between steam heated calender rolls which press down nap and firm felt. Turns handwheels to lower circular knives to trim felt to specified width. Fills size tank, positions automatic spray gun, and turns valve handle on airhose to spray size onto felt. Turns knobs to regulate temperature and blower of drying oven. Aligns and bolts cutting dies in ram and bed of automatic diecutting machine to cut felt into specified forms. Turns knobs to synchronize speed of machines and conveyors. Aligns feed guides. Starts machine, observes operations to detect malfunction, and examines work to determine conformity to specifications. Replaces worn needle boards. Sharpens circular knives with hone. May repair needle boards [NEEDLE-BOARD REPAIRER]. May assist MAINTENANCE MECHANIC in repairing machines.