Needle Bar Molder

Position loom needles into slots of mold and pour liquid resins into mold.

What does a Needle Bar Molder do?

Positions loom needles into slots of mold and pours liquid resins into mold to cast needle bars for use in weaving on looms: Selects type and size mold according to type and size loom needles to be set. Weighs out and mixes resins and hardeners to prepare casting material. Inserts and aligns loom needles into slots of mold, and clamps top onto mold. Pours casting mixture into opening in mold and allows mixture to set for specified time. Removes cast needle bar from mold, using pliers, and smooths rough spots, using steel wool, sandpaper, and electric emery wheel. Breaks up cracked or broken needle bars, using hammer, to salvage reusable loom needles. Hammers out bent places in used loom needles to prepare needles for recasting.