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Natural Sciences Professor



Teach university students about the natural sciences.

What does a Natural Sciences Professor do?

Natural sciences include common subjects such as physics, earth science, chemistry, biology, and astronomy. If you have a passion for any of these subjects, as well as a love of learning, a devotion to school and education, and a desire to share your knowledge, then a job as a Natural Sciences Professor, may be a right for you.

As a Natural Sciences Professor, you teach classes at the college level. Your classes have hundreds of students, with some even attending via satellite television. You carefully evaluate available materials as a Natural Sciences Professor, and choose textbooks, websites, and interactive software, with the goal of providing your students with the proper resources to learn the subject. To supplement this information, you formulate lectures, provide handouts, and assign homework.

You evaluate your students’ efforts and knowledge by grading reports, oral presentations, tests, essays, and other assignments. Then you offer help as needed and assign grades.

Outside of the classroom, you make yourself available for students who have questions, mentor graduate students working towards higher degrees, and perform research. Research is an important component of your job because it can gain recognition for the school and even get you published in national journals. Associating your name with the college or university through research is a great way to earn your tenure as well.

When you’re not in the lab, your office, or the classroom, you attend meetings pertaining to campus events, budgets, activities, and goals for the campus.

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