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Natural Resources Engineer

Devise strategies to preserve the earth's natural resources.

What does a Natural Resources Engineer do?

As a Natural Resources Engineer, you’re at the top of the food chain in the world of natural resources science. Working with your team of Natural Resources Specialists and Range Managers, you develop and implement comprehensive natural resources management plans designed to shepherd and maintain the planet’s valuable land and water resources. Your goal as the Natural Resources Engineer, is to help the planet and humans sustain and thrive for generations to come.

Without Natural Resources Engineers and their support teams, humans would have no future. You and your colleagues are incredible repositories of knowledge about all aspects of the natural world, how they work together, how humans affect them, and what can be done to preserve them. You need a “big picture” mindset to be a successful Natural Resources Engineer, and the ability to balance the needs of humans with the needs of the planet, all the while considering the policies that the government has set in place.

You work in an office, in a laboratory, and in the field. The reports you compile go a long way towards helping Lawmakers and other leaders make decisions that will ultimately impact the future of the planet. Your own leadership and communications skills are important as you lead your team and share your information with those above you.

You also need good interpersonal relations skills when dealing with land-users in the field, or when attempting to educate the public or special interest groups. Your base working unit is the standard 40-hour workweek, but expect your job to take you in unorthodox directions or require extra time, energy, and dedication to do well.