Natural Resource Technician

Collect, document and analyze water, soil, plant or wildlife samples.

What does a Natural Resource Technician do?

Precious stones, oil, natural gas, trees, water—the Earth’s natural resources come in a limited supply. As the media draws increasing attention to the matter, more jobs within the resource conservation and management fields are becoming available. Natural Resource Technicians understand all this, and work to better appreciate and make the best use of our natural resources.

The title of “Natural Resource Technician” is a rather generic one. There are many jobs under its umbrella. That means if you’re a Natural Resource Technician, there are a lot of ways you can help the environment.

What’s your passion? Trees? Water cleanliness? Wildlife habitat? The choice is yours.

You could work as a Campground Manager, ensuring a pleasant environment for campers while helping them learn about and respect nature. Or, how about restoring the natural habitat of fish, or assisting with surveys?

Whatever segment of the industry you target, your job duties are similar. This is an entry-level position that pairs you up with more experienced Scientists and Engineers. In that way, it’s kind of an assistant position.

Make sure you have the proper gear because you’ll most likely be bearing the elements. Much of your work is done in the great outdoors, where you collect rock, oil, gas, water, or soil samples. You might also help out in the laboratory and write up reports on your analysis.

So whether you want to work to eliminate erosion, hope to move into forest management, strive to reduce pollution, or aim to write policies that protect public lands, a job as a Natural Resource Technician is a great place to start.