National Account Manager

Oversee the Sales Managers of a company throughout the country.

What does a National Account Manager do?

Selling products all around the country requires teamwork. The Salespeople must know what to sell, how much to charge, and when to stop taking orders. In short, they need someone who can teach, coach, and guide them to spectacular sales success. A National Account Manager provides this sort of supervision and motivation.

As a National Account Manager, you supervise a team of Regional Sales Managers. These professionals provide you with sales reports on a periodic basis, and you set specific financial goals that they must meet during these reporting periods. Troubled staff members who can’t push enough product to meet your goals may need surprise visits from you to get back on track. Being the heavy isn’t easy, but it can be effective.

If your reluctant employees don’t improve, you look for qualified replacements and hire them to do the job a bit better. You may introduce these new people to key clients and provide weeks of on-the-job training to get the newbies up to speed.

Some clients like to talk to people in charge, as it helps them feel important and respected. When you’re the National Account Manager, it falls on you to coddle and court these important clients, and you may spend hours wining and dining them on behalf of your company.

When your company releases a new product, you meet with the Marketing Director to determine the benefits and selling points of the item. Then, you write up brochures and memos about the product, and you distribute your thoughts to your team and set them to work to push that piece out the door.