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NASCAR Pit Crew Person



Swap tires, clean windshields, and gas up world-class race cars!

What does a NASCAR Pit Crew Person do?

A NASCAR Pit Crew Person is a fast-moving Auto Mechanic who mans a pit stop along a racetrack and executes an assigned maintenance or repair task. For most people, making a “pit stop” means pulling over on a long road trip to use the restroom and load up on snacks. For NASCAR Drivers, however, a pit stop is a seriously strategic racing reprieve that’s used for refueling, repairing, and refreshing the racecar on its way to victory.

As a NASCAR Pit Crew Person, therefore, you’re a critical tool in the NASCAR Driver’s toolbox. You’re employed by a NASCAR team, which consists of an owner, Driver, sponsor, Engine Builder, and pit crew, among others — all committed to the same car.

What, exactly, your assigned task is depends on which Pit Crew Person you are. The Crew Chief is the boss who tells every NASCAR Pit Crew Person what to do and how to do it. The Car Chief, on the other hand, prepares the racecar for the race and makes sure it complies with all NASCAR standards, as well as the Crew Chief’s directions. The Jackman, meanwhile, raises and lowers each side of the car so its tires can be changed.

The Gas Man fills the car with gasoline, while the Tire Changers change the front and rear tires. The Tire Carriers fetch and position the new tires, while the Seventh Man, or Utility, cleans the windshield and tends to the Driver.

No matter which Pit Crew Person you are, your goals are speed and accuracy. A critical cog in the racing machine, you’re a Surgeon who operates on racecars to make them better, faster, and stronger!

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