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Narcotics and Vice Detective

Solve cases involving drugs and immorality.

What does a Narcotics and Vice Detective do?

Enthralling investigations and exciting apprehensions are all in a day’s work for a Narcotics and Vice Detective. In this career as a Narcotics and Vice Detective, you spend your time tracking down and arresting people who are guilty of the illegal sale of drugs. Your work is essential to keeping crime down in the realm of narcotics as well as other areas that are part of the ripple effect of drug trafficking. Because you’re also a Vice Detective, your work extends to activities that are perceived as immoral-something that you see a lot of as a Narcotics Detective.

Investigations involving narcotics can be very dangerous, especially in areas with prevalent drug rings and gangs. Tracking down and apprehending the offenders can also be extremely hard. Because of that, the job of a Narcotics and Vice Detective is trying and stressful at times, so you have to make sure that law enforcement is truly a passion of yours. You may even find yourself being suspicious of everyone that fits a profile, or not trusting anyone but your partner.

You can work with just a partner, or be part of a team assigned to narcotics raids. These raids involve searching a location, finding criminals, obtaining and logging evidence, and taking the arrested parties into the station for questioning or detainment. You may also be asked to testify in court and identify suspects.

Additionally, you gather statements from others for use in court. You keep close records of your progress, and continually report to your superiors on your fine work.