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Heal pain by using natural movements to strengthen muscle tissues.

What does a Naprapath do?

Naprapathy is a field of medicine that focuses on the body’s connective tissues-things like muscles, tendons, and ligaments. As a Naprapath, you work with patients to fix long-standing health issues, or cure the pain that comes after accidents and illness. You might see a patient with bad posture, tightness in their muscles after a sports injury, or a stiff neck due to a car accident. Just like other Doctors, you deal with problems that vary every day.

The first things you do when a patient comes to you are give them an exam and discuss where they feel pain. During an exam, you might look at x-rays or MRI reports to see the problem more clearly. After you make your diagnosis, you then get to work fixing the issue.

Naprapaths don’t use pharmaceutical drugs to fix problems, though you might suggest natural supplements or medicines to improve a patient’s general health. Instead of prescribing drugs, you do things like manual manipulations-which is sort of a mix between chiropractic work and massage therapy-or specific exercises to get joints or muscles working again.

The idea behind naprapathy is that if the body’s connective tissues get out of balance, a patient will feel pain. You get a patient back in balance by making sure each tissue is as strong as it can possibly be. To do this, you suggest specific stretches and exercises that isolate and improve weak joints, tendons, or muscles.