Naphthalene Operator

Tend equipment that separate naphthalene from chemical drain oil.

What does a Naphthalene Operator do?

Tends equipment that separates naphthalene from chemical drain oil used to wash coke-oven gas or tar distillate: Starts pumps to remove drain oil from scrubbing tower to collecting tank where naphthalene settles and crystallizes as oil cools. Opens drain valves or starts pumps to remove oil from pans to storage tanks. Dumps crystals into centrifuge to remove remaining oil [CENTRIFUGAL-DRIER OPERATOR]. Dumps or shovels crystallized naphthalene into steam-heated tank to melt and further purify crystals. Draws sample from melting tank for laboratory analysis. Starts pumps to transfer naphthalene into storage tanks or railroad tank cars. May be designated according to work performed as Drier Tender, Naphthalene.