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Naphtha Washing System Operator

Control equipment to purge and wash reactors.

What does a Naphtha Washing System Operator do?

Controls equipment to purge and wash reactors used in polymerization of isobutylene to produce butyl rubber slurry: Starts pumps and agitators. Turns valves to line up streams for wash cycles and to evacuate slop naphtha and trapped gas. Defrosts frozen valves, using steam hose. Turns pump valves to drain refrigerant from reactor chilling jackets into storage drums, to purge chilling jackets with hot refrigerant, and to flush reactor vessels with hot feed stock and flash tanks with steam. Starts pumps to exhaust gases and vapors through flash tanks. Starts pumps and agitators to wash and rinse reactor vessels with hot naphtha. Admits natural gas under pressure to exhaust naphtha from reactors. Observes control panel to verify temperatures, pressures, and flow rates required to return reactors to service. Records operating data in log.