Nanotechnology Technician

Help Nanotechnology Engineers create and monitor tiny technology.

What does a Nanotechnology Technician do?

Just as a Doctor would never operate with a blunt scalpel, a Nanotechnology Technician would never work with broken-down equipment. In this job, you monitor and repair scientific equipment used to experiment with nanotechnology. This mouthful of a word refers to technology dealing with the teeny-tiny world of atoms and molecules.

Each day presents a different opportunity in the ever-changing field as a Nanotechnology Technician. Your responsibilities include cleaning equipment and teaching new employees how to use it. But you need a firm understanding of the molecular universe to assist in experiments in order to be a successful Nanotechnology Technician.

You focus on examining and understanding how different tiny particles work. Through the use of advanced equipment, you help your team perform experiments. You aim to understand how these particles interact with each other, and how they would work in electronic devices. With enough practice, you could build robots the size of a fingernail-or smaller-to incorporate into small circuit boards or perform medical procedures that the human hand could never do.

In this field, no clear guidelines exist. Its true potential is open to your interpretation. Perhaps you’ll assemble a machine that can create small robots, or find a cheaper way to produce tiny circuit boards. From building tiny machines to saving lives, you chart a course into the unknown.