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Provide physical care for children.

What does a Nanny do?

Busy parents employ nannies to care for their children. Nannies oversee infants and children of all ages, attending to their needs and protecting them in the absence of their parents. Your role falls between the responsibilities of a parent and a caregiver. Nannies are responsible for infant care, special needs care, and educational tutoring.

A nanny is a patient problem solver with creative skills and the ability to engage children with stories. You impart discipline fairly, have strong communication skills, and a positive outlook toward life. Nannies are an inspiring figure around impressionable babies and children.

Because you are involved so closely with the family, you keep private information confidential. Your work can be demanding, both physically and mentally. A nanny should be detail-oriented, reliable, and trustworthy.

A high school diploma may be essential, while a Child Development Associate certificate is an advantage.