Nailing Machine Operator

Set up and operate machines to drive nails into boards.

What does a Nailing Machine Operator do?

Sets up and operates machines to drive nails into boards to fasten wood assemblies, such as boxes, furniture frames, crates, and pallets, and to nail lids on boxes: Spaces nail chucks and rails according to specifications and turns setscrews to fasten chucks to rails. Turns wheel to raise or lower table according to size of pieces to be nailed. Fills hopper with nails. Fastens or adjusts stops and jigs on machine table to facilitate positioning of material to be nailed. Starts machine, positions boards on table under chucks, and depresses pedal to drive nails into boards. May move levers to control nail feed and turn knobs to position nail setting heads. May be designated according to part nailed as Bottom Nailer; Cleat Nailer; Frame Nailer; Strap Nailer; or according to type of machine as Lidding-Machine Operator.