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Nail-Making Machine Tender

Tend machines that automatically cut and shape wires to make nails.

What does a Nail-Making Machine Tender do?

Tends machines that automatically cut and shape wire to make nails of specified size: Mounts coil of wire on rod, and threads wire through straightening rollers and feeding mechanism into slots of die plates. Tightens roller bolts to regulate feed of wire, using wrench. Starts machine. Inspects nails for such flaws as chips and distortions. Measures sample nail, using split gauge or micrometer, and notifies NAIL-MAKING-MACHINE SETTER of deviations from specifications. Records production data. May tend machines that automatically cut coiled wire and attach tackheads to form tacks of specified size. May tend machine that bends and cuts wire to form spokes for tricycle wheels and be designated Spoke Maker.