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Nail Making Machine Setter

Set up battery of machines that cut and shape coiled wires to make nails.

What does a Nail Making Machine Setter do?

Sets up battery of machines that automatically cut and shape coiled wire to make nails of specified sizes: Installs and secures die plates and nail-point cutting knives, and positions feeding mechanism, according to work order specifications, using handtools. Mounts coil of wire on rod and threads wire through straightening rollers, feeding mechanism, and into slots of die plates. Tightens roller bolts to secure wire, using wrench, and turns flywheel to produce sample nail. Measures nail with split gauge or micrometer, and inspects nail for flaws, such as chips and distortions. Starts machine and observes operation to ensure product meets specifications. May set up and maintain battery of machines that automatically cut coiled wire and simultaneously attach nailheads to cut wire to form tacks of specified size. May supervise NAIL-MAKING-MACHINE TENDERS.