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What does a Musician do?

A musician makes music. This job can be performed in a lot of different ways—you might play sold-out concerts, make music for movies, or play in the back of a small café. Whatever you do as a musician, you’re creating and performing music for the enjoyment of others.

Although it isn’t necessary, you might want to write your own music, especially in the beginning of your career. The more of your music you actually create instead of buying or borrowing from someone else, the more you’ll become known as a legitimate performer and the further you’ll go.

This may sound obvious, but the same goes for playing your own instrument. If you think you’ll be able to make it big relying on a good back-up band and auto-tune, think again. Performers like Miley Cyrus get where they are through connections, not through talent. For everyone else without a famous parent, you’re going to need some serious skill to get yourself noticed.

Once you’ve written all your own songs and learned how to sing or play guitar well, you need to get some gigs. To do so you might work as part of another act’s band, start out as an opening act for another performer, or find a venue where you can headline. It’s hard to get jobs if you haven’t played anywhere before, so starting out working with a better known group is a good way to get some attention.