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Music Video Producer

Manage the business side of music videos.

What does a Music Video Producer do?

These days a song is no longer just experienced as sound: Stars and musical acts of all kinds need music videos as part of their marketing package to reach listeners. As a Music Video Producer, you are the brains, talent, and vision behind the creation of these videos. And in order to get your vision to come to life, you function as a cross between an artistic advisor and a General Manager.

The general management tasks you do include things like hiring the crew, finding a Director, and planning the budget. During filming, as the Music Video Producer, you keep everyone on the set happy, from the production staff to the Recording Artist, and handle any problems that come up. This can be the hardest part of your Music Video Producer job, depending on the type of star you’re working with and their expectations.

On the artistic side of things, you have a pretty big say in the way a music video looks. You might suggest a theme for the video, as well as costumes and visual effects like lighting. You help create a video that both complements the song and puts the Artist in the best light (sometimes literally).

However, the amount of authority you have in the production really depends on the Artist you’re working with and the production company that employs you. Some want a really hands-on Producer, while others would prefer it if you only stopped by the set to drop off checks.