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Music Transcriber

Break down a song's rhythm and pitch to create the notes for sheet music.

What does a Music Transcriber do?

Countless hours jamming with your buddies may have sent your parent’s stare crazy, but that time spent figuring out guitar solos may now very well further your dream at becoming a professional Music Transcriber.

As a Music Transcriber you have a keen ear that recognizes both a song’s musical notes and pitch, and you can jot down its exact score into sheet music. To be a successful Music Transcriber, you should have the ability to listen to an impromptu band sitting or previously recorded track for which the published music is unavailable, and transcribe its music in its entirety for just about any instrument.

Transcribing a song’s notation can be a long process but it does not necessarily have to be a difficult one. A successful Transcriber sets up a foolproof system that helps their future projects. A winning system is a logical one where the Transcriber breaks a song into sections; the intro, verse, and chorus. Since each instrument has its own pitch range and balance on a recording, Transcribers will focus on one instrument at a time.

As a Music Transcriber, you are the sought-after ear of Composers, performers, and Sound Engineers. You have the scope to specialize in sheet music preparation, audio production, and music software development for published and unpublished music professionals.