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Music Studio Owner

Run a business that records music.

What does a Music Studio Owner do?

Recording Artists come to music studios to record their music, be it a demo or there twentieth CD. As the Music Studio Owner of such an establishment, it’s your space and equipment that the bands use to lay down their tracks.

As a Music Studio Owner you need a diverse skill set to keep your studio profitable and popular. On the business side, you need excellent customer service skills as the Music Studio Owner, the ability to negotiate, and enough knowledge about the music industry to give advice on everything from the sound of a track to the number of band members. On top of all these people-related skills, you need to know the ins and outs of sound equipment. Sound like a lot? It is, but with a passion for music and easy going nature you’ll be fine.

You’ll want your studio to be comfortable and amenable to the whole process of recording, from the beginning performance to the final edits. Even more than that, you ideally want people to love coming to your studio-so much of the music business word of mouth referrals, so business comes through return customers who tell their friends to use you.

Once in the studio issues may come up that need your input. Sometimes bands can handle problems on their own with their Manager or Music Agent, but other times they’ll look to you for advice. This is especially true regarding sound quality: You’re the one who selects the equipment the band is using to record on, so you’ll be the one who understands how to tweak it to get a certain sound or blending. You should know a lot about microphones, acoustics, and different recording equipment, including how to make it all work when it breaks.