Music Promoter

Spread the word about Musicians and their concerts.

What does a Music Promoter do?

If you’ve ever read a flyer about an upcoming concert or listened to a radio contest you’re familiar with the work of a Music Promoter. Music Promoters, commonly called Promoters, get the word out about upcoming concerts and help market new bands.

Promoting a show can happen in different ways as a Music Promoter. You might work for a club or venue, where you contract with Talent Buyers to schedule their newest acts. Or you might work directly with a band, helping their Agent find venues. Either way your job as the Music Promoter, is to get people excited enough about a band they’ll shell out money for a concert ticket.

The entertainment business is ultimately a business, and your goal is to always have a sold out show. To do this you use different marketing campaigns such as a radio contests, e-mail blasts for interested fans, a street team, or large billboards for advertisements. Though it varies with how well a band is known and how big the venue is, typically your budget is not huge, so you’ll need to be really creative when it comes to finding ways to connect with fans.

Though selling out venues is your biggest responsibility, you also take care of incidentals, working closely with other members of a bands entourage you make sure shows run smoothly. Doing so means connecting with agents, security firms and Club Owners to organize things like hotel rooms, sound check times and pay rate.