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Music Professor

Teach university students about music.

What does a Music Professor do?

Known for their vast musical knowledge and first-rate teaching skills, a Music Professor can turn a college class into a symphony of education where music theory and musical performance come together to create professional Musicians. In this career, you embrace the musical world and spread that passion as a Music Professor, to your students, whether you’re composing a new musical piece for an upcoming show or lecturing on the importance of keeping proper tempo.

Teaching music is like conducting a symphony. Before you can start, as the Music Professor your students need to understand how to play. They may already know their allegrettos from their andantes, but it’s up to you to help them blossom from so-so players into expert performers.

Class lessons vary between teaching the mental skills needed to play music, such as understanding why two chords sound good together and others make the audience cringe, and guiding students through the actual instrument playing. Often, the school will also ask you to lead choir, chamber ensemble, or orchestra practice in between your classes.

Your day swells into a busy bustle of planning lessons, tutoring students, and composing music for the school orchestra to perform. Then, it’s showtime! You lead the ensemble in a performance that brings the audience to their feet in a crescendo of applause. It’s your leadership, musical passion, and love for teaching others that helps you get the job done.