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Music Producer



Oversee the development and production of songs and albums.

What does a Music Producer do?

Music producers oversee the recording and distribution of songs to create amazing, highly desired tracks. You do so by pairing your knowledge of the music industry with your audio production expertise to lay down the tracks that will take off in your target market, be it Top 40 or Christian rock.

In pursuit of this goal, as a music producer you work with bands during rehearsals, advising them on arrangements and methods to improve songs. Once the arrangements are set, it’s time to record, and you reserve time at a recording studio to lay down the basic “tracks”–the recording of each instrumental and vocal part of the song. Then comes the overdubbing, mixing, and other audio processes until a final master recording is completed. You’re responsible for tracking every step along the way of this process including keeping bills and paydays current.

All this requires a deep understanding of the technical side of music, like chord progressions, etc., so that you can manipulate specific elements of a song and produce innovative beats. Plus you need to understand business marketing and the art of promotion; successful producers are able to listen to a band’s songs, and accurately predict which songs will sell well to an entertainment-hungry public. This way you only spend your time on successful ventures.

And while producing a saleable record is the main part of your job, you also act as a general catch-all when things fall through: finding diplomatic solutions to issues that arise during the creation of an album, helping promote an event, coordinating concerts, or stepping in to help contract negotiations.

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